22 June 2013

July 2013 Book of the Month: Death On Devil's Mountain by David Von Norden

The BerlinBrigade.com July 2013 Book of the Month is "Death On Devil's Mountain" by David Von Norden

"Death on Devil's Mountain" is written by David Von Norden, a former member of the ASA, based out at US Army's former listening outpost on top of Berlin's Teufelsberg.

The Amazon.com website describes this exciting book as "The Summer of Love is past. The Cold War is heating up. Thousands of young men are being drafted for the conflict in Southeast Asia and hundreds more enlist in the hope of some choice of assignment. The best of these volunteers are channeled into the Army Security Agency and the brightest of this group gets sent to the National Security Agency's most important listening post,The Hill, in West Berlin. Teufelsberg, the Germans call it. The Devil's Mountain, a monument constructed from the rubble and ruins of the crushed German capital. But there is something terribly wrong in the 54th ASA Special Operations Command. People are dying. Death on Devil's Mountain depicts the twisted macramé of intelligence work, its effect on the 'civilians in uniform', and the mounting rancor of enlisted men against the cadre of sergeants and 'lifers'. This unit of hand picked misfits is a natural choice for a mad CIA-operated experiment code named MK-ISLAND. An experiment gone awry."

You can order your copy of "Death On Devil's Mountain" from Amazon.com

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