15 March 2015

In Memoriam

Recently, over the course of twenty-four hours, we were made aware of the passing of two our Berlin Brigade Brothers. While no one likes to hear of a death, especially Family and Friends, it is an unfortunate consequence of life. All of us will leave this mortal coil one day, it cannot be avoided.

One minute we are here and the next we aren't. No trumpets nor fanfare marks that moment when we cease to be. That is sad. 

For soldiers, the reality is even sadder. I have always considered the death of a fellow soldier a very terrible thing. Here is someone that knows me though not personally but knows me because we share the same love of country, that love that we showed when we raised our right hand and took our oath. We share the same pains and joys, especially if he was an Infantryman like me. We have seen the same things and had common experiences, especially if he served with the Berlin Brigade. 

We walked our talk. Then to have one less means the rest of us now have to tighten our perimeter because we are all we have left. We must continue to have each others back. Though we might not have served at the same or were not in the same unit but we were there, in Berlin. We were there at a time when things could have gone sour at the drop of a hat. Sometimes, that hat did drop. We were there to do a job that not very many were able to do but WE DID IT because that's what we signed up to do.

There might not be tears for you when your time comes nor do I expect tears to be shed for me when my time comes. However, we should all expect that every Berlin Brigade Veteran tightens up, gets shoulder to shoulder and continues the mission. Though the Berlin Wall has fallen, the Berlin Brigade deactivated and Communism is a fading memory, our mission will never end. We were Soldiers then as we are NOW. That is why we must carry on.

First, we say Goodbye to our buddies, friends of our youth. Until we meet again.

Rest In Peace Roy Ramirez, Eric Stephen Sly, and all the others that have gone before.

All The Way. With Pride.

03 March 2015

Wait A Minute Where Did February Go? (aka March 2015 update)

Seriously, did anyone see what happened to February?

I mean, there we were celebrating Groundhog Day and eating chocolates from St. Valentine's Day while enjoying the day off on Presidents Day. Now look at us!

March is well underway and what have we got to show for February?

Let's break it down.

February 1st, the 58th episode of the BerlinBrigade(dot)com Podcast went live. It is the first episode of 2015. You can hear it live by subscribing on iTunes or visit the podcast page at BerlinBrigade.com

Also on February 1st, the BerlinBrigade(dot)com Registry was updated. After that round of adds, changes, & deletions we are hovering real close to the 5000 member mark. Not bad. Not bad at all. Thank you to everyone that has signed up.

Just after Presidents Day, our Good Friend, Chris Kuhn is reminds us that he is "putting together a reunion for the 5/502. The rooms are in the Stratsphere resort and casino Las Vegas" on July 24-26. This is part of the 5th Battalion 502nd Infantry group. If you are interested in attending this event or want more information please drop Chris an email at ckuhn67[at]embarqmail.com (remove the [at] and put the @ its place)

What are we looking forward to for March 2015?

1 March 2015: Registry Update [done]

TBD: Gallery Update
TBD but NLT 08 March 2015 : Podcast episode #59
TBD: New additions to the Commerce page.
TBD: Registry Update

I will post announcements on Twitter & Facebook when the objectives for March have been met.

Thanks for your time,
David Guerra (A/6/502)
BerlinBrigade.com Webmaster

26 January 2015


Greetings Everyone!
Hope that 2015 is finding you in a good health. I also hope you are ready for all the new challenges that are ahead for all of us.

This update while overdue is also going to be brief. It has been an unusually slow month here but then again who really wants to get back into the swing of things after this past Holiday Season?

While we still have one week left in this month there are plenty of things still left to do.

PODCAST: While it was recorded over the weekend of Jan 24 - 25 it has yet to be edited so be on the lookout of that to drop early this work week.

REGISTRY: This will be completed and updated to the website sometime this week (shooting for Wednesday 1/28).

WEBSITE: New adds and changes will be made by Saturday (1/31) including new additions to the Gallery.

FACEBOOK PAGE (https://www.facebook.com/BerlinBrigade): This is an ongoing project and as always it is updated more frequently than the website. Please visit us there.

Thanks for support and patience. I really do appreciate you.

Thank you,

25 December 2014


I wish you, your family, and friends a
Frohe Weihnachten | С Рождеством | Joyeux Noël

30 November 2014

Sunday, 30 November 2014 - SITREP

Greetings and Welcome to the 2014 Christmas Season.

Can you believe that the Christmas Season is here and well underway.

I  do hope everyone had a wonderful and happy Thanksgiving Day and Weekend!

I also hope everyone survived the "Black Friday" crowds if you managed to make it our there.

Have you heard the latest episode of the BerlinBrigade.com podcast?
Episode 56 is online and ready for your listening pleasure. As always, it is hosted by yours truly.

You can listen to the podcast by subscribing to the BerlinBrigade.com podcast on iTunes at https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/berlinbrigade-com-podcast/id277856969 or on the BerlinBrigade.com website at http://www.berlinbrigade.com/podcast/index.html

There are no special guest interviews this time. If you are interested in being interviewed to talk about your time in Berlin please drop me a quick message at dave@berlinbrigade.com and we will go from there. Thanks.

The 2014 BerlinBrigade.com Christmas Ornament is now available online at http://www.cafepress.com/berlinbrigade2.1442963436 

I will write a couple of times more this Christmas Holiday season.
Until next time, Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Happy,

19 November 2014

19 November 2014 SITREP

You have waited and waited. You have waited patiently. Well, the time has come.

Coming, just in time for the Thanksgiving Holiday and weekend:


and we have a lot of catching up to do but we will get there.

Also, be prepared for a update on the REGISTRY. New names to add, some email changes, and unfortunately one (1) deletion.

How are you doing? Staying warm?

Talk to you soon,
David Guerra

27 October 2014


For those that don't know, SITREP stands for SITUATION REPORT.

In the Army, especially when we were deployed, conducting some type of operation or mission, over the radio a higher level element would call in, via radio, "SITREP, over."

That meant they wanted to know what our current situation was or is. Usually the response was what was expected, such as, "we are engaging the enemy" or the ever popular "situation normal all f##ked up" (SNAFU). No matter what was actually happening when the request for a SITREP was received the only thing that was expected was the truth. Plain and simple, unedited truth and about 4 times out of 10 that's what was given.

4 times out of 10? (OK, I might be just a wee bit exaggerating.)

However, consider the following: either the situation is more dire than it actually is or the reporting parting was under-estimating the severity of the entire situation. The Fog of War will usually do that.

Fog of War?

The Fog of War is the uncertainty of situational awareness that comes with being in the middle of a military operation. At some point, during an engagement all you can see is what you can see. You and those around you will begin to lose sight of the big picture and start to focus in on what is no more than the throwing distance of a hand grenade.

I hope I haven't lost you.

Fog of War not withstanding here is the latest SITREP at BerlinBrigade.com

While it may appear to be a SNAFU, we are far from it. The Education Initiative is slowly starting to take shape. The first web pages are still under development and it is my intention of having them online before Thanksgiving 2014.

I know earlier in the month I wrote that it would be soon. Then as I started to create the content and the initial pages it became quite clear that there was no way I was going to make it.

With regards to the following pages here is the situation:
Unit Registry: We are up to date on that.
Veterans Business Directory: One business comes online this week.

Thanks for your patience.

As always, if there is anything I can do for you please let me know.

Thanks again for everything,
David Guerra
A/6/502 •  Berlin Brigade • 1985 - 1987