16 March 2013

Attention Berlin Veterans: I Have One Question to Ask

As the title states; I one question that I have been meaning to ask. Here goes:

What do you think about BerlinBrigade.com launching a VETERANS BUSINESS DIRECTORY?

Here is what I am thinking: I am thinking of creating a directory of the businesses that the Veterans of the Berlin either own or a work at or do. This is to help facilitate finding the right people for the right job. Who else to do that job than another Berlin Brigade Vet.

The process would be simple. You fill out an online form containing some basic information about you and your business. Then that information is broken down into at least three business categories and then posted online.

So let's say you are looking for an RV Mechanic in Michigan. You look at the Berlin Brigade Business Directory and find an RV Mechanic in Northern Indiana. He might not be next door but depending on where in Michigan you the Berlin Brigade Vet might be close enough to try.

So what do you think?

Would you use a Berlin Brigade Veterans Business Directory?

Would you submit your organization's information?

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