25 January 2013

February 2013 Book of the Month: The Batter's Out (Baseball Training Manual) by Charles R. Sledge Jr.

Jan/Feb 2013 Book of the Month: The Batter's Out (Baseball Training Manual) How to Play Defense: For Parents, Coaches, and Kids By Charles R. Sledge Jr. (Berlin Brigade Veteran)

Just as Pitcher's and Catchers are due to report and in time for spring training. This is the book you want your budding young athletes digging their cleats into. This book offers some of the greatest information on how to play the game, of baseball, was meant to be played: As a game that has strategy, tactics, and requires little skill but leaves plenty of room for mastery. Mastery at levels that are bound to take even the novice of players to the next level of the Great American Pastime.

From the Publisher: "The Batter's Out is a book of instructions on how to play baseball defensively. It teaches how to play all nine positions properly on the field by showing how each player moves during the course of a play through illustrations. The Batter's Out is a detailed description of what each player on any given team should do when the baseball is being hit to any given position. The illustrations are colorful and simulate real action. This book also holds a glossary of all the terms used for playing great defense. It's ideal for Parents who want to become Coaches, Coaches who want to improve there coaching skills and Children who dream of playing professional baseball everywhere."

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